Appointment Setting Simplified

Contact Science helps companies improve the business process of setting qualified sales appointments with a business toolkit that includes technology, marketing and skills training.

Appointment setting using CRM is counter-productive.

Sales reps generally find using CRM to telephone prospect to be unwieldy, complicated and inefficient. Many complain that they spend more time working the software than they spend working the phone. The benchmark below comparing Contact Science Prospecting software with CRMs proves their point.

CRMs are event capture machines, so the mechanics to pursue 10 targets in a row requires a lot of clicking to navigate a lot of screens.

Contact Science 42 11 18 mins. 260 126 48 mins.
ConnectWise – Autotask 301 151 50 mins.
Act! 312 150 53 mins.

Prospecting is a process. The Contact Science process engine is highly efficient, keeps the sales rep prospecting according to your Best Practice, plus provides voicemail and emails.


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